BREAKING: Pastor Artur found GUILTY for contempt of court for hosting worship services

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This wasn’t the news any of us wanted to hear. But we were ready, and we aren’t done fighting — but we will need your help.

Justice Adam Germain found Pastor Artur Pawlowski guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of contempt of two separate court orders during a brief virtual court appearance today.

The first guilty verdict was regarding Justice John Rooke’s May 6 court order, which never even named Pastor Artur or his church — that one named the Whistle Stop Cafe and Chris Scott and prohibited illegal public gatherings.

The second contempt conviction related to Justice David Gates’ court order. That order was sought out in secret, without the knowledge of Pastor Artur’s lawyers, on April 23, and improperly served to Pastor Artur on April 24.

Whistle Stop Café owner Chris Scott was also dealt a similar blow during this same hearing. He was also found guilty for contempt of Justice Rooke’s court order that, unlike Pastor Artur, was explicitly issued against him, but obtained in secret all the same.

Prior to announcing his decision, Justice Germain stated that the Pawlowskis and Scott had openly defied the efforts of Alberta Health Services (AHS) to control the third wave.

One month from now, July 27, the court will hear arguments from AHS on sanctions against the Pawlowskis, which may include a term of imprisonment. Although we were hoping for better news, we won’t let this decision discourage us. We’ll continue to fight for Pastor Artur, Chris Scott, and every other Canadian targeted by our health overlords.

We also have a plan to keep the fight for religious freedom alive, but we don’t want to tip our hand to the bad guys just yet.

To help us with the astronomical costs that we’ve incurred defending Pastor Artur, and to help us fund future legal actions, please go to

We’ll have more to report on this soon, including an exclusive interview with Pastor Artur and his lawyer Sarah Miller. Stay tuned.

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