Pastor Hildebrandt calls for Canadians to consider boycotting organ donations until discrimination against the unvaccinated ends

The Church of God pastor joins the growing number of citizens calling for action against organ transplant policies after an unvaccinated father of five was refused a kidney transplant, resulting in his death. Hildebrandt called on Canadians to boycott organ donations in response.

Pastor Hildebrandt calls for Canadians to consider boycotting organ donations until discrimination against the unvaccinated ends
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On Monday, Aylmer, Ontario Pastor Henry Hildebrandt posted a short two-minute video to Twitter of his thoughts on the recent tragic death of Garnet Harper. The Sudbury father of five young children died of treatable kidney disease because he was refused a transplant due to his vaccination status.

Hildebrandt, a pastor at The Church of God in Elgin County near London, Ontario, joins the growing call for Canadians to take action against what some people have called a "social murder" by the government on all levels. The pastor says Canadians should consider withholding their organ donations until everyone is considered equal, including those who declined to take the mRNA COVID vaccinations.

"Are you an organ donor? You might want to seriously consider putting it on hold until we can get a policy in place by our government that would guarantee zero discrimination," said Hildebrandt.

Hildebrandt himself stood against tyranny when the Ontario government ordered his own church to be shut down. He stood defiant and continued with service for his congregation, even when he faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

He reflects on what's next to come for select minority groups in the country if officials are deciding who lives and dies when compared to the horrors of previous governments in the past.

"What's next? Religious status, with the next title reading, 'Sudbury man refused kidney transplant due to him being a Christian'." He continued, "This reminds me a lot of a man in the 1930s who discriminated against easily identifiable groups. Remember? Is that where we want to go?"

This comes after last week, when former MPP Randy Hillier called for citizens to not only boycott organ donations, but also blood donations. Hillier joined the Ezra Levant Show on July 26 to make the case that without action, the government on all levels will continue to trample on the rights of the unvaccinated.

He went as far as to call "what happened to Garnet Harper was nothing short of premeditated murder."

Hildebrandt references the ongoing case of Sheila Annette Lewis, who is in a similar position looking for a transplant but was told by doctors in Alberta that she would not be offered the service because of her vaccination status, essentially giving her a death sentence.

Rebel News reporter Syd Fizzard interviewed her at her home for her thoughts. She is currently suing Alberta Health Services for malpractice and is seeking out international transplant options. Premier Danielle Smith has said she'll refer to the experts on the matter.

On July 19, Rebel News reported Sheila Annette Lewis had likely returned to the transplant list following public pressure.

All across Canada, terminally ill patients are being denied lifesaving organ transplants because of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

If you're like us and want to see an end to this injustice, sign our petition at

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