Pastor Tim Stephens taking Calgary Police Chief and Alberta Health Services to court!

Rebel News was joined by Justice Centre president John Carpay, who provided an update on Pastor Stephens' recent acquittal and his plans to take legal action against those who unlawfully arrested and imprisoned him.

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In case you missed it, just a few days ago Pastor Tim Stephens joined me for an exclusive in-depth discussion about the acquittal of him and his church, the growth his faith community has seen, and his plans to seek damages from authorities for the unlawful arrest and imprisonment he faced.

You can view our in-depth analysis of the Ingram ruling — which saw charges against many Albertans, including Pastor Stephens, dropped — including commentary from John Carpay and Eva Chipiuk, by clicking hereThe decision struck down the COVID-19 restrictions of then Chief Medical Officer of Health for Alberta Dr. Deena Hinshaw as unlawful.

We also encourage you to watch our conversation with lawyer Chad Williamson of Williamson law, who represented folks like Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Café, on the implications and issues with the ruling.

With the Ingram ruling being such an imperfect victory, having overturned many COVID-19 prosecutions, but only on a technicality and not as a result of the drastic Charter and rights violations we saw throughout the last few years, the victory was bittersweet for many.

Top of mind among those who were prosecuted unjustly, like Pastor Stephens, as acquittals rolled out across the province, was the potential for legal action seeking remuneration for injustices endured. While the Ingram victory was perhaps not as cathartic as some might have hoped, law enforcement and Alberta Health Services paying out damages to abused pastors and business owners almost surely would be.

John Carpay laid out the facts surrounding the two dramatic arrests and the time Tim Stephens spent behind bars, all for daring to open his church, and he made it abundantly clear that Alberta Health Services and Calgary police knew they had no authority to arrest Stephens but did so anyways.

Carpay also explained that this civil legal action extends not from the recent Ingram ruling, but from the mis-application of an injunction, often referred to as the Rooke Order, which was intended to prevent Chris Scott and Glenn Carritt from organizing events, but was improperly and unlawfully used to justify other arrests.

He affirmed that the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has filed legal action and is seeking damages for the injustices committed and has named Calgary police Chief Mark Neufeld and Alberta Health Services on their statement of claim.

Carpay discussed the potential outcomes of the legal action, what this might mean for others considering suing, and his hopes that at least some justice can be achieved through their efforts.

While Albertans are finally beginning to go on the offensive and take legal action against authorities who abused their power, Tamara Lich is still facing the most daunting legal battle of her life.

Fortunately, she won’t be fighting alone as The Democracy Fund has agreed to crowdfund her legal efforts. Give what you can to help at

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