PETITION: MP Alain Rayes must resign after leaving the Conservative Party over election of Pierre Poilievre

Alain Rayes must resign from parliament for quitting the Conservative Party of Canada to sit as an independent MP. If you agree, sign this petition.

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On September 13, following the announcement of Pierre Poilievre's victory as the new leader of the Conservative Party, Conservative MP Alain Rayes (Richmond—Arthabaska) decided to sit as an independent.

He had quickly joined the ranks of Mr. Jean Charest when he announced his candidacy for the leadership race. This probably explains why Mr. Charest obtained 42% in the riding of Richmond—Arthabaska against 53% for Poilievre. The results spoke for themselves, showing that the citizens of Mr. Rayes' riding elected Mr. Poilievre to represent them.

By sitting as an independent, Mr. Rayes went against the wishes of his population. The people want to be represented by Mr. Poilievre and a Conservative MP, not by an independent.

Even members of the Conservative Party have asked Mr. Rayes to resign his seat because of his disgraceful decision not to fight on the Poilievre team.

During his reign in the Conservative Party, Mr. Rayes has also demonstrated a more liberal than conservative attitude. When we look at the speech he gave in the House of Commons on Bill C-10, regarding Internet censorship, Mr. Rayes felt that the Liberals were not going far enough and fast enough, and he wanted the bill to be even more robust.

Mr. Alain Rayes must respect the wishes of these citizens and resign his position in order to allow the people of Richmond—Arthabaska to choose who they wish to sit in the Parliament of Ottawa on their behalf.

Sign our petition at and we will deliver it in person to Mr. Rayes' office.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

PETITION: Alain Rayes Must Resign

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