Police keep the peace between protesters, angry onlookers at Toronto Freedom Rally

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This past Saturday, hundreds of lockdown protesters gathered for Toronto’s weekly anti-lockdown protest and march for freedom.

The protest, which officially took place during a province-wide stay-at-home order, drew an energetic, boisterous and friendly crowd. Many of those in attendance have been attending the protest since it first started just over one year ago.

Dozens of police officers, including a mounted unit and a facial recognition surveillance van, kept watch over the protesters at Queen’s Park and escorted them through several downtown Toronto neighbourhoods.

The protest has been mired in unjustified controversy since its inception. It was the scene of several violent arrests during Ontario’s first stay-at-home order in January and painted on social media as a dangerous 'super-spreader' event. Despite its weekly occurrence and growing turnout, it has been almost entirely ignored by mainstream news.

But the energy has shifted over the last four weeks. A cordial rapport has developed between the police and protesters. Law enforcement officers now play the role of peacekeepers between the protesters and angry onlookers, rather than enforcers of unconstitutional health edicts.

Will this truce continue to hold? The protest is expected to occur once again next week, and Rebel News will be there to cover the action.

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  • By Rebel News

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