Police make show of force as Calgary 'Axe the Tax' rally enters second day

Rebel News reporter Angelica Toy tells The Ezra Levant Show how police set a more aggressive tone with carbon tax protesters on the second day of demonstrations.

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On April 1, Canadians across the country turned out for a nationwide rally against yet another hike in the federal carbon tax administered by the Trudeau Liberals. The start of a new month marked a 23% rise in the tax, immediately impacting the price of gas at pumps across the country.

As Canadians struggle with a cost-of-living crisis, many people are fed up with members of Parliament watching another tax hike be passed onto the public while elected officials continue to collect raises.

On Wednesday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Rebel News reporter Angelica Toy joined the show to talk about what she saw covering the protest in Calgary, which stretched into the days following April 1.

Though the police appeared to take a more passive approach on the first day, the authorities took a more serious tone when the protest continued. Explaining this change, Angelica told Ezra:

I'm going to take you back to [the first night] real quick, around 7 p.m. MT, somebody was driving their brother to Cochrane and as they were driving them there, they noticed that there was a huge line of what looked to be Calgary police vans. Around 20 of them, just lined up on a back road.


The next day, around 8 a.m., I wasn't there for that, I came around noon, but the same thing was happening. About 100 RCMP officers in tactical gear, crowd control weapons, rolled in and they put themselves in the highway and the protesters. This was to prevent the protesters from getting back on the highway and blocking it as they did the day previously.

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