POLICE STATE: Toronto cops, lockdown protesters clash at Yonge-Dundas Square

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The Lockdown Lords (namely, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory) set their sights on Yahoo Nation this past Saturday. And things got ugly — assuming you’re a fan of silly little civil liberties such as freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.

The anti-lockdown protesters who comprise the rank and file of Yahoo Nation have been protesting the economic lockdowns since last April. And they’ve rightfully been allowed to do so. Until Saturday, that is.

Indeed, one could feel the chill in the air on social media on Saturday morning. For example, Mayor Tory tweeted: “Stay home. Full stop.” Odd, given how His Honour had nothing but excuses and even platitudes for his buddy, ex-Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips, when Roddo buggered off to St. Barts at Christmastime...

The Toronto Police Service also tweeted out the following: “Participating in large gatherings, including protests, is not just in contravention of these (emergency) orders, but also puts attendees and the broader community at risk. When these events happen, police will be present and prepared to respond appropriately.” (Odd how Toronto police didn’t break up Black Lives Matter protests last summer, but rather, took part in these events by bending the knee!)

In any event, the police made good on their warning by arbitrarily arresting and ticketing individuals for protesting, and then forcibly removing people from Yonge-Dundas Square. It was bizarre. And disturbing.

Bottom line: much like the infamous G20 summit protests back in 2010, the crackdown on the anti-lockdown protesters will serve as a dark and troubling chapter in Hogtown’s history.

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