“All jobs are essential!” Torontonians protest COVID-19 shut downs

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Enough is enough!

Several hundred protesters took to the lawns of Toronto’s Queen’s Park on Saturday, demanding the Ontario government loosen its economy-strangling restrictions that have been put in place in the province due to COVID-19.

Among the questions raised by protesters:

  • Why are certain stores allowed to remain open (i.e. Liquor Control Board of Ontario outlets, the Beer Store chain, Costco and Walmart) whereas other stores cannot open their doors, even if those retailers promise to add social distancing measures?
  • Is the coronavirus truly as deadly as we have been led to believe, or are the models embraced by the authorities simply projecting worst-case scenarios that are highly unlikely to ever come true?
  • Why are people being fined $880 for simply for trying to get some fresh air?
  • Can the mainstream media narrative regarding the Wuhan virus be trusted?
  • If this emergency is so dire, why did the Trudeau Liberals send tonnes of personal protective equipment to China leaving Canadians scrambling for supplies?
  • Why does Canada continue to take its marching orders from the World Health Organization, which is clearly in the pocket of China (i.e., the nation responsible for this debilitating global pandemic in the first place)?

While Premier Doug Ford dismissed the protesters as a “bunch of yahoos” there was considerable anger and frustration in the air. And many protesters promised to return to Queen’s Park next Saturday in an effort to pressure the government to open up the economy and allow people to go back to work.

P.S. While social distancing was not practised for the most part during this protest, nobody was issued an $880 ticket by law enforcement. Hey, talk about herd immunity!

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid


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