Police, Trudeau ignore train derailments, violent protesters

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As I said on last night's show:

I see another story where Quebec’s provincial police report that protesters have armour-piercing, heavy-calibre weapons, and they say that they’ll need the army to help them.

Which Trudeau promptly ruled out.

There have been five train derailments in a month. Right when there’s a wave of blockades.

That Trudeau and Lametti and the RCMP have said and have shown they won’t prosecute.

Meanwhile, the CBC wants the RCMP — get this — to prosecute the railroads. For spilling oil.

Got it. So these blockades and derailments are — the CBC just knows it, in their bones — they’re failures by the railways.

The railways aren’t the victims of eco-terrorism. They’re the perpetrators. That’s what they’re saying here!

Meanwhile, VISIT our site EndTheBlockades.com to watch our one-of-a-kind, on the scene reports from these disruptive and dangerous protests.

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