“I wish I were kidding” — Police announce they’re not going to investigate train derailments

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Look at this story, from Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster, the official broadcaster of Greta Thunberg, David Suzuki, and the fraudulent Chief Woos — the fake First Nations Chief who came out of nowhere to be the “representative” for the Wet’suwet’en Indians, opposing pipelines — even though 100 per cent of the Indian bands along the pipeline route actually support the pipeline:

Police not probing recent rail disasters, crude oil derailments, deaths for possible negligence

Finger pointing among railways, outside police, safety officials in investigations, CBC finds

So they’re just not going to investigate? No arrests, no investigations. Just pretending it’s not happening?

Here's the photo caption:

No police are investigating two derailments within two months along CP’s rail line near Guernsey, Sask., despite known track problems.

"Track problems." Were they rusty? Or crooked? Or worn out? If they were, that’s more of a maintenance investigation. Why would police investigate that kind of problem? I wonder if there’s something they’re not telling us.

Public police forces are choosing not to investigate major accidents at CN and Canadian Pacific Railway, including recent crude oil train crashes and deadly derailments, a CBC News investigation into Canada's rail system has found.

That’s one way of putting it. Another is — they’re literally standing by and watching. Remember the blockade of the rail line in northern Alberta? They were literally standing there, doing nothing. Good Samaritans had to come by to take down the dangerous blockade.

They were instructed not to enforce the law. It wasn’t their decision. What a disgrace.

I see another story where Quebec’s provincial police report that protesters have armour-piercing, heavy-calibre weapons, and they say that they’ll need the army to help them.

Which Trudeau promptly ruled out.

There have been five train derailments in a month. Right when there’s a wave of blockades. That Trudeau and Lametti and the RCMP have said and have shown they won’t prosecute.

Meanwhile, the CBC wants the RCMP — get this — to prosecute the railroads. For spilling oil.

Got it. So these blockades and derailments are — the CBC just knows it, in their bones — they’re failures by the railways. The railways aren’t the victims of eco-terrorism. They’re the perpetrators. That’s what they’re saying here!

So you’ve got Trudeau’s CBC. Trudeau’s RCMP. And, of course, Trudeau’s main interlocutor up there with the Wet’suwet’en — the man who calls himself Chief Woos, who is neither a chief, nor named Woos. His mama called him Frank Jimmy Alec.

He's a fake chief — with a real criminal record.

If you had $4 billion, would you put it in a pipeline project in this country?

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