EXCLUSIVE: Radical Wet’suwet’en Chief Frank Alec beats wife, negotiates with feds

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Wet’suwet’en Chief Frank Alec rocketed to fame earlier this week when he stood next to Minister Carolyn Bennett, saying they have reached a deal on “rights and title” regarding the GasLink pipeline.

The deal, which remains top secret to Canadians, is expected to recognize and establish the legitimacy of the hereditary system that allowed Frank Alec to usurp the female chieftainship of “Chief Woos” from Darlene Glaim, a woman who supports the pipeline.

Many people have wondered why Canada’s feminist Prime Minister would want to grant legitimacy to a system and individual who wrestles women out of leadership positions. Turns out, it is even worse than originally thought.

Frank Alec is a wife beater. In 1999 he was charged and pled guilty to domestic assault, which he committed in 1998.

Frank was sentenced to nine months of incarceration, but managed to avoid hard time by serving his punishment “in the community.” Alec’s trial and subsequent sentencing was not held in a traditional courtroom, but rather in a “sentencing circle."

Elders and community members ruled that Alec’s punishment for criminal assault against his young wife amounted to a simple curfew and 150 hours of community service over the course of three years.

It is unclear if the Trudeau government was aware of the violent criminal record held by the Chief they may have just granted legally binding authority.

Rebel News reached out to Frank Alec for comment but so far have received no response.

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  • By Keean Bexte


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