Poll says young Canadians are ‘most fearful’ about ‘climate change’

According to the survey, young people under 34 (24%) and women (20%) are most anxious about ‘climate change.’ The demographic least worried are men over 35.

Poll says young Canadians are ‘most fearful’ about ‘climate change’
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According to in-house research by Environment and Climate Change Canada, most young people feel visceral anxiety about ‘climate change.’

Nearly one in five (18%) Canadians nationwide reported being “extremely worried” with 31% “very worried,” when asked: “How worried do you currently feel about the issue of climate change?” 

The remaining 51% are either “moderately worried” or “not worried at all,” according to the report Nature Based Climate Solutions And Cleaner Environment.

Blacklock’s Reporter said at least one in five residents in Ontario (21%) and B.C. (20%) are “extremely worried,” while 14% in Atlantic Canada and 11% in Alberta held similar views. 

According to the survey, young people under 34 (24%) and women (20%) are most anxious about ‘climate change.’ 

According to a 2020 Public Safety Canada study, young adults said ‘climate change’ posed a greater threat than drugs, guns, or gang violence.

The demographic least worried about ‘climate change’ are men over 35. 

Those least worried live in Alberta (37%) and Saskatchewan and Manitoba (27%). Only 14% of Québecers said they are “not worried at all.”

Elemental Data Collection performed the survey at a cost of $41,782 to taxpayers.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the research follows a January 31 report that found adults under 34 most alarmed by ‘climate change’ and “more likely to be afraid of the impacts of climate change on their friends and loved ones’ lives and to feel helpless and sad about climate change impacts.”

“A crucial part of determining what actions are feasible or would be easily adopted by residents is to first understand their opinions and perspectives on climate change,” said the earlier report Public Opinion Research On The National Adaptation Strategy by Léger Marketing.

Asked about ‘climate change,’ 53% of Canadians surveyed said, “I feel sad” and 52% said, “I feel helpless.” Only 25% said, “I am not concerned.”

When asked, “Which do you consider to be an impact of climate change in Canada?” 30% feared “reduced food and economic security” and 28% feared “greater risk of certain diseases.” 

Over seven in ten (72%) said ‘climate change’ impacted Canada’s health and well-being.

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