POP QUIZ: Name that Conservative!

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In this clip from a recent livestream, Ezra Levant ran a pop quiz for the viewers:

“I want to ask you three questions, and will you agree not to Google the answer? That takes the fun out of it.

“I'm going to ask you three questions, and I've been asking these questions of people who I regard to be political followers, news followers.

“If you're watching this broadcast right now, you are a news hound. You're more plugged in to the news than 99% of people. And I've asked this question of Conservative Party activists, so not just news watchers — people who are active!

“Okay, here's the three questions.

“The first question is — no Googling! — the big issue of the year has been health, right. Coronavirus lockdowns and the like.

“Without Googling, you probably know the health minister right? Patty Hajdu? Can you tell me the Conservative Party's health critic?”

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