Pro-Israel protesters in London share mass immigration and open borders concerns

Protesters in England give their opinions on how mass immigration, open borders and antisemitism among Muslims are affecting Western society.

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Rebel News boss Ezra Levant was in London, England, where a massive pro-Israel rally was being held. It was there where Tommy Robinson was arrested after police claimed his presence was causing “harm and distress.”

While attending the march, Ezra asked the Israel supporters for their thoughts on the dangers posed by mass immigration, open borders policies and antisemitism among the Muslim community.

Speaking to a Jewish man carrying a Union Jack, Ezra asked about whether Jews have contributed to the problems caused by mass immigration and open borders by supporting these policies.

“No, absolutely not,” was his reply to a question about halting immigration from Muslim countries. “The problem is not Muslims, the problem is right-wing nasty Muslim fundamentalists; the real problem is antisemitism in the Muslim community, antisemitism is not compatible with Western values,” he continued.

Another protester disagreed with that sentiment.

“These really are self-inflicted wounds,” he replied. “Western Europe and the European peoples have to maintain their values and their identity and their way of life. We are bringing in too many people into Europe whose views are totally incompatible with our own, and we are causing real problems.”

To see Ezra's full report from London, including Tommy Robinson's arrest, become a subscriber to RebelNews+ and watch yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

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