Push to 'green energy' is 'destroying our economy': Robbie Picard

After Alberta's energy grid struggled during extreme cold weather, Robbie Picard tells The Gunn Show that Canada's push to so-called green energy is 'destroying our economy' and 'punishing ourselves.'

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Over the last week, Albertans have experienced extreme cold weather and even a warning of potential rolling blackouts across the province. As the temperatures dropped and demand for energy soared, solar and wind sources struggled to offer much power to the grid.

Instead, the province had to turn to other sources, like the natural gas and coal-fired power plants from neighbouring Saskatchewan.

On this week's episode of The Gunn ShowRobbie Picard from Oil Sands Strong and Oil & Gas magazine joined Sheila Gunn Reid to talk about the record-setting cold and the failures of so-called green technology.

Discussing former Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason's remarks about “hillbillies” electing Danielle Smith as premier leading to the blackouts, Robbie said “pseudo-intellectuals” like Mason think they are superior to everyone else.

He continued:

I don't think that Brian is in the position to criticize anybody, considering the mess (the NDP) left the province in. I have a friend, who actually was a complete NDP supporter from Parkland County, who told me the devastation that shutting down the coal industry did to that community.

We produce 1.5% of all global emissions. That's it. It doesn't matter, anything we do, period. It makes zero difference in the world's CO2 emissions, if you want to make that argument.

And we are destroying our economy, punishing ourselves. This electric car thing is going to blow up in their face, and you know what's going to be really funny is countries like China that are benefitting from it — it's just helping China. It's not helping us. 

It's really destroying our country.

And why? This is just a taste, a warning on our cellphones, OK? Turn out your lights and don't use the oven. Can you imagine when it gets real serious? 

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