RCMP: No “public safety” reason to confiscate firearms from legal owners

Trudeau's promise to execute a massive gun confiscation from adults holding a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) is under attack by the RCMP's Firearms Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

Lucki was appointed to her position in 2018 by Trudeau.

As reported in TheGunBlog

“All applicants are screened to ensure that there are no reasons why, in the interest of public safety, they should not possess a firearm,” the Ottawa-based Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in its 2018 Commissioner of Firearms report, published online yesterday.

An online petition to the Government of Canada has gathered more than 100,000 signatures in protest of the confiscation order.

In a tweet posted to Justin Trudeau's Twitter account just days after making international headlines for his blackface scandal, the Prime Minister vowed to ban “military-style assault rifles.”

For Liberals, the ever-evolving definition of “military style assault rifles” (which aren't a thing) includes varmint rifles too small to even hunt big game with.

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