Rebel journalists hold WHO bureaucrats accountable at conference in Berlin, Germany

We are on the scene to provide you with exclusive reporting throughout the duration of the World Health Summit 2022.

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Joined by two videographers, Rebel journalists Tamara Ugolini, Drea Humphrey and Alexa Lavoie have arrived on the scene in Berlin to cover the World Health Summit

It's a three-day meeting comprised of many oligarchs, being described as the world’s leading global health conference. For the first time, it is being co-organized with the World Health Organization, running from October 16-18 at Hotel Berlin Central District.

The reoccurring themes are around the digitization of health, sustainable development goals (i.e. the climate catastrophe), the role of politics in health, and of course the pandemic preparedness treaty.

There are more than 100 speakers including Bill Gates, WHO director Tedros, and a bunch of unelected globalist bureaucrats.

In addition to the main conference, there are side events and mingling opportunities happening every day.

We have discovered that people will be protesting this event and the other issues facing the German population every single day.

You do not want to miss our exclusive coverage of the event, the side events and of course the protests – what Germans are thinking and feeling on the ground.

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