WATCH: Rebel lawyer hit with UNHINGED threats by left-wing extremists

One of Australia's most radical extremist groups has resorted to threats and intimidation as anti-Israel activists were unmasked by court order.

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My lawyer has been sent an absolutely unhinged threat in response to our recent court battle from one of Australia's most active left-wing extremist groups.

It all started with a court case challenging a suppression order shielding two individuals – Laura Allam, and alleged accomplice Mohammad Sharab – known for their extremist views, particularly their antisemitic rhetoric.

The case was a significant victory, but it also brought with it an insane response from one of Australia's most radical leftist groups.

In the midst of our successful legal challenge, leading media lawyer Justin Quill – who represents an expansive spectrum of Australian media companies – received an insane threatening letter from this extremist group.

The letter, filled with vitriol and intimidation tactics, aimed to silence us and halt our pursuit of justice. However, Justin refused to back down. Instead, he persevered, ultimately securing a win in court that allowed us to identify two of the alleged perpetrators involved in a violent kidnapping incident.

With the support of our audience and the community, we are now on the brink of challenging the remaining suppression order, which shields the third individual involved.

It's clear that these extremists will stop at nothing to suppress the truth and impede our efforts to hold them accountable. That's why it's crucial for us to spread awareness and rally support for our cause.

The mainstream media may have moved on from this story, but we refuse to let it fade into obscurity. We need your help to challenge the final suppression order and ensure that justice prevails.

If you believe in the importance of standing up against violent left-wing extremism and defending the right to free speech and legal representation, share this story.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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