Rebel Roundup: Reporter kicked out of legislature, Dr. Tam's sex tips & more

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Funny, I thought the NDP lost the last provincial election in Alberta. Then why does it look like they're still running the show?

I ask because when our reporter Keean Bexte went to cover a media event at the legislature, an NDP "hall monitor" ordered security guards to kick him out. Keean joins me to talk about what the heck happened.

Of course, we're fighting back against this violation of our right to report the news — but these fights mean lawyers, and lawyers aren't cheap. To support our battle for press freedom, visit

So, what are the rules when it comes to having sex during the Wuhan virus? Well, thank God we have government bureaucrats to set us straight by publishing pandemic sex advice!

Sheila Gunn Reid will try to keep a straight face as she delivers the goods on government-endorsed tips pertaining to horizontal jogging.

And finally, we get your letters every minute of every day:

I’ll share some of your responses regarding our video when we uncovered that some of the ringleaders of Toronto's unsightly City Hall "tent city" protest aren’t sleeping in those tents – rather, they’re staying at the swank Sheraton Hotel across the street where rooms start at $277.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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