Cell phone COVID tracking; Trudeau's Stampede propaganda

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Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies, and gentlemen — and the rest of you — in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. I’m your host, David Menzies.

Hey folks, did you ever give consent to your cellphone provider to share your personal information with the federal government… you know, so that the Justin Trudeau Liberals could keep tabs on your whereabouts during the pandemic? Well, this disturbing Orwellian way of tracking private citizens did indeed occur. Sheila Gunn Reid has all the unbelievable details.

And speaking of unbelievable, remember all those glowing stories via the government-funded mainstream media during the Calgary Stampede regarding Justin Trudeau being mobbed by admirers? Well, it turns out this was all so much phony-baloney propaganda. Our man in Calgary, Mocha Bezirgan, has the skinny.

And letters; we get your letters; we get your letters every minute of every day. And I’ll share some of your letters about the new and not-so improved cans of Bud Light which are festooned with new-age pronouns like H-I-R and X-E-M and Z-I-R. But what do these fake woke words mean – and how do you even pronounce them? Well, it turns out that even the people at Labatt Brewery don’t know either. Unbelievable!

Those are your Rebels, now let’s round them up…

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