Anti-Keystone is pro-Putin; Transit union challenges vax policy

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Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies and gentlemen — and the rest of you — in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. I’m your host, David Menzies.

As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, let it be said that if you are anti-pipeline and anti-fossil fuels, then you are, by default, pro-Putin. Sheila Gunn Reid shall explain all.

And how do you like this? The City of Hamilton, Ontario has come out with a new vaccine policy giving city workers until May 31, 2022 to be fully vaccinated or provide proof of an approved medical exemption.

Anyone who fails to do so will face termination. But unlike so many other unions that are complicit with such policies, the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 in Hamilton is going to bat for its members and challenging the city’s draconian vax policy. Tamara Ugolini has all the details.

And letters, we get your letters, we get ’em every minute of every day. And you had plenty to say about Brampton Mayor “Sneaky” Patrick Brown losing yet again.

Remember how he prevented kids from using Brampton rec facilities while he played hockey with his buddies — and had Yours Truly arrested for trespassing simply for practicing journalism? Well, we had our day in court recently. Spoiler alert: we won; Brown lost. Again. Lovin’ it!

Those are your Rebels, now let’s round ‘em up...

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