Reignite Democracy Australia joins forces with the United Australia Party

Monica Smit and Craig Kelly collaborate for 'Freedom'.

Reignite Democracy Australia joins forces with the United Australia Party
Reignite Democracy Australia joins forces with the United Australia Party
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Reignite Democracy Australia’s Vice President Monica Smit has unveiled a ‘Stronger Together’ collaboration with the United Australia Party under the leadership of Craig Kelly.



Everything that I and RDA do, is for the overall benefit of the country, not ourselves. With that in mind, we have decided to back and work closely with United Australia Party. The RDA Party, which has already made national news and headway, has decided to join UAP.

With the lobbying capabilities of the RDA Family and the support and expertise of Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer, I believe our vision of a strong, free and independent Australia is inevitable,” said Smit’s statement published on the party’s website.

RDA, as an organisation, will fully support UAP, however, we will still have the flexibility to support good candidates from other parties if we want.”


The United Australia Party intends to run candidates in every seat for the upcoming Federal election and, with the backing of Clive Palmer, has the finances required to rattle both major parties.

Smit recently spent 22 days in solitary confinement waiting for an appeal against her bail conditions to be resolved in the Supreme Court. She was dramatically arrested during a livestream and charged with incitement related to several anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne along with three counts of failing to follow the Chief Health Officer’s directions.

Many considered her to be a political prisoner due to her strong views that run contrary to official Covid policy.

Craig Kelly and Monica Smit held a joint interview in which Kelly said that the United Australia Party currently had around 65,000 members, potentially making them the largest political party in Australia based upon membership.



All the smaller parties, we all need to work together,” said Smit, “and I’m sure that you will work with anyone who has the same goal of ‘freedom’ – in some way, shape, or form.”


Both parties have been running on a similar pro-freedom, anti-lockdown, pro-vaccine choice platform.

Craig Kelly was the Liberal member for Hughes until he resigned from the party in early 2021 to sit on the crossbench as an Independent. In August of the same year, he joined Clive Party’s United Australia as its lead candidate for the next Federal election.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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