Reproductive health needs to be protected from predatory Big Pharma marketing forces

A grassroots group of health professionals has launched a campaign to protect pregnant women from COVID boosters, denouncing the categorization of pregnancy as high risk for COVID-19.

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The Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA), a grassroots group of health professionals, will be launching a campaign against the indiscriminate COVID-19 fall booster program of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI).

NACI published a guidance document recently promoting fall booster shots for Canadians, citing “individuals who are pregnant” as being at high risk.

After dissecting available data, the CCCA will be publicly launching their “Protect Pregnancy: First Do No Harm” campaign in collaboration with the Mama Bears Project.

The goal is to provide Canadians with balanced medical information and an educational resource that features the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed scientific research.

Retired physician and CCCA member Dalinda Reese joined Rebel News to express her continued concern over how COVID was being treated, from a viral standpoint.

“We knew how to treat viruses. This was not something that we didn’t have the tools for,” Reese said. “It was very surprising the way that the Public Health messaging cut off all other options other than waiting until you’re on deaths door [to seek care] and then awaiting a vaccine.”

Reese says that “reproductive health needs to be protected from predatory forces.”

Elaborating on the tragedy of the 1950s when babies were killed and maimed after their mothers were prescribed the drug thalidomide for pregnancy-related nausea, Reese describes the use of another drug called diethylstilbestrol (DES).

“The drug was marketed as a wonder drug to help prevent miscarriage and pre-term labour. It was pushed on all pregnant women,” says Reese. “It turns out that even though problems weren’t seen immediately at birth what they discovered was an association between DES and their offspring in terms of reproductive abnormalities, cancers and these did not show up until children were in adolescents.”

Pfizer’s own data, only released through a court order, shows concerning instances of fetal death, and spontaneous abortion.

“There is no question that the substances that we expose our babies to while we’re pregnant can have effects on them that are not immediately seen,” Reese explains. “Given that pregnant women are being targeted by this vaccination campaign and COVID shots, we felt pregnant women needed the resources and information available to them so that their questions can be honestly addressed and their concerns taken seriously.”

The campaign will launch publicly on July 27 so that expectant and breastfeeding mothers can be provided with the tools they need to gain informed consent before they inject more novel mRNA products.

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