Scheer gives final speech as Conservative leader; Ezra and Sheila are tired of hearing him talk

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Rebel News was live yesterday during the marathon, seemingly never-ending Conservative Party of Canada leadership winner reveal process.

The result, originally expected around 7pm ET on August 23, did not come until after midnight, due to some "technical issues" that slowed down the ballot counting. 

Before a winner could be declared though — congratulations, Erin O'Toole — the delay in vote counting meant there was airtime that needed to be filled.

Dead air, the enemy of every broadcaster, appeared on the cusp of victory.

But a "hero" would emerge to give a speech, end the monotony, and re-energize viewers as the evening dragged onwards. Enter: Andrew Scheer. 

After a Party-produced promo video for Scheer aired, Ezra Levant wondered, "Are we done with Andrew Scheer now?"

No, we were not.

Out strode the departing Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to the podium for a speech.

"Ugh, no," groaned Sheila Gunn Reid. 

"Let me guess: He's really Rock'em, Sock'em tough now," Ezra speculated before Scheer started speaking.

"In 2017, no one thought we could win the next election," Scheer proudly stated.

"And they were right, you missed that part," Ezra interjected, before wondering where the hook was to get Scheer off the stage.

"The fact that anyone even considered the 2019 election winnable is because of the incredible success of our entire team," Scheer reminisced.

"No! No! It's because of Justin Trudeau!" Sheila recoiled in perplexed bemusement.

After Scheer concluded a metaphor about Liberal policies being like eating "candy before supper" and leaving voters with a "stomach ache" and a "serious case of buyer's remorse," Sheila had heard enough: "Yeah, we know about buyer's remorse. I can't  this metaphor's not good."

"I know that was only 15 minutes. That felt like an hour," Ezra concluded as Scheer walked off the stage. 

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