Scheer tables non-confidence vote: Does it stand a chance?

Keean Bexte guest hosts for Ezra Levant...

Blockades have gridlocked this country for weeks now, and there is absolutely no sign of them letting up.

But don’t worry, even though the country is facing fuel shortages, farmers are getting turned away at grain elevators because they are at capacity due to rail closures, and premiers are facing the threat of citizen's arrest from terrorist groups like Extinction Rebellion. Rest assured because Prime Minister Blackface is working extra hard today,
meeting with his like-minded friends.

This really made Conservatives mad, and Scheer has finally been able to show some strength on an issue. After seeing Scheer act like a leader for once, his loyalists were kicking it into high gear. A non-confidence motion was added to the Commons Order Paper today, filed by Scheer himself.

Likely, it won’t pass.

My guest to discuss this development is Andrew Lawton of True North Institute.

PLUS: I'll also talk about Alberta’s newest Senator, Paula Simons, who has just risen in the Senate to help first degree murderers avoid hard time.

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