Sexual Assault survivor sounds alarm on city of Surrey allegedly forcing business owners to have gender-neutral bathrooms

The erosion of safe spaces for women and children by gender ideology continues to spread throughout a handful of countries in the world.

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In today’s report, I bring you an interview with a child sexual abuse survivor who was appalled to find out that a Surrey restaurant’s washroom was gender neutral. In other words, the bathroom for diners allows both sexes to enter and use the restroom at the same time.

“How do you think an eleven-year-old girl would feel when two grown men are standing in the bathroom?” Szilvia Miklos, a mother of two asked the Surrey B.C. Cora Breakfast and Lunch restaurant manager, Ben, while filming the empty bathroom she had just discovered. According to Ben, the restaurant’s hands are tied.

“It’s a city requirement. Otherwise, they won’t give us a permit,” Ben told a visibly shaken Miklos who shared during my follow-up interview with her that she had been molested beginning at the young age of four. In the footage of her interaction with the Cora manager, Ben can eventually be seen thanking Miklos for raising the issue, calling the requirement to have such a bathroom “a pain.”

Rebel News reached out to the city of Surrey for comment and have not received a response at this time. According to the Cora manager at this particular location, a city worker informed them that their restaurant could not have bathrooms for males and females only, because doing so was discriminatory due to the province of B.C. recognizing that there are 31 different genders. Other sources claim that the seemingly never-ending number of genders is closer to 70. 

The erosion of safe spaces for women and children by gender ideology continues to spread through a handful of countries in the world. Whether it's a woke city like Vancouver defunding its oldest rape shelter because they wouldn’t force abused women to sleep in the same space as a biological man or a skirt-wearing teen boy sexually assaulting two female high school students in school bathrooms, it’s hard to say what safe spaces for women and children hasn’t been affected by the ideology. 

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