She was the Minister of Commonwealth Games Delivery, now calls are growing for accountability

Pressure mounts for Jacinta Allan's resignation after Victorian government's shocking announcement.

She was the Minister of Commonwealth Games Delivery, now calls are growing for accountability
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Dan Andrews planned successor is under pressure to resign over her botched handling of the Commonwealth Games.

Victorian Opposition leader John Pesutto is demanding Jacinta Allan resign or be sacked from cabinet after the Andrews’ government stunned the world by announcing it could not afford to host the 2026 games.

Allan, tipped to take over Victoria’s top job when Andrews retires, was the minister overseeing delivery of the Games.

“The Deputy Premier is guilty of gross incompetence and deceit,” Mr Pesutto said.

“She should no longer be a minister, let alone succeed the Premier when he inevitably steps down.

“If ministerial responsibility counts for anything, heads must roll, starting with Jacinta Allan, who continues to oversee costly blowouts on major projects across Victoria.”

As well as being responsible for the Commonwealth Games, Allan is also the state’s Transport Infrastructure Minister, having oversight of major projects including the Suburban Rail Loop, Metro Tunnel, West Gate Tunnel project and North East Link.

But senior government Minister Colin Brooks said there was no way Allan would be forced out of cabinet.

“I reckon there’s more chance that John Pesutto be sacked by his own partyroom,” he said.

A “range of factors” led to the Games being canned and none of them were Allan’s fault, Brooks said.

“Ministers can’t control everything. She’s a fantastic deputy Premier.

“I’ve had a lot to do with Jacinta over a long time and every conversation I’ve had with her has been focused on Victorian people, policy and projects.

“She’s a passionate advocate for her community.”

Brooks said Andrews was intent on serving as Premier until at least the next election in 2026.

“He delivers really strong government and good government, and he keeps winning elections so I want him to stick around for another couple of terms,” he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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