SHOCK FOOTAGE: Chrystia Freeland’s bodyguards assault and arrest David Menzies when he asks her a question

These same police won’t arrest pro-Hamas protesters blocking roads and bridges and intimidating residents. But they’ll handcuff, detain, and falsely accuse a Rebel News journalist. It’s despicable. We need to teach these Liberal Party cops a lesson.

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I am so outraged by what I just saw.

Our reporter, David Menzies, was outside a vigil for the victims of terrorism when he spotted Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland walking in

David tried to ask Freeland a question.

But as soon as he did, an RCMP bodyguard ran into David, grabbed him, arrested him and falsely accused him of assault! Soon, David was swarmed by police, handcuffed and frog-marched into a police car.

Luckily, David’s cameraman Lincoln Jay captured the whole thing on video (Warning: it will make you furious):

How ironic that the vigil was about the totalitarian regime of Iran. They don’t allow a free press there, either.

As you can see, David did nothing wrong — except ask a question.

The police lied about the assault. They’re the ones who assaulted him.

They obviously knew what they were doing was wrong, because the cop who attacked David refused to identify himself — David asked multiple times for a name and badge number, which they are obligated to provide.

(We think it could be the same bad cop who assaulted David a few years ago, when David tried to ask Trudeau a question, too.)

The Liberals really do act like dictators. And the shame of it is too many police are willing to go along with it.

It’s deeply disappointing to see how easily the police lied about what happened, all to please their Liberal masters. But the video doesn’t lie.

The irony is the police refuse to arrest the pro-Hamas, pro-Iran protesters who have been blocking roads, trespassing and even uttering death threats over the past three months. Apparently, they think the real threat is an independent journalist asking tough questions.

I’ve had it with this police state B.S.

The only way to get justice is in court. We’ve got the evidence of the false arrest — and of the police assaulting David. If we don’t stand up for David, this will just keep happening.

We need to sue Freeland’s out-of-control RCMP bodyguards. They claim they’re police, but they’re acting more like a police state.

We’re retaining a lawyer to help David fight back. Please help me help him — we’ll be up against the unlimited resources of the police. But if we don’t stand up for press freedom, who will?

Please donate right here on this page to help us pay David’s legal fees.

David’s rights as a reporter and his rights as a citizen were violated. This is Canada, not Iran. Anyone is allowed to ask a politician a question. Even if — especially if —the politician doesn’t like the question.

Of course, the police released David, ultimately without pressing charges — because David did nothing wrong. And when a reporter does nothing wrong, they should not be arrested. We're drafting a lawsuit and expect to file it this week. Please help us make sure this doesn't happen again. 

No one is allowed to abuse our people physically, and we will pursue justice whenever they do. Please help us win this fight.

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