Stuck having to wear a face cover? Make your voice heard with our “Masks Are Useless” mask

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Last week on a Rebel News DAILY Livestream, Rebel commander Ezra Levant debuted a new product now available at

The mask is designed for individuals who want to make a statement about masks, but also don't want to fight with institutions like schools or other places where non-compliance with mandates can be difficult.

So what's your best bet to make your opinion known on these muzzles? The specialty "Masks Are Useless" mask is the perfect way to comply with the orders, yet show your dissenting opinion.

Rebel News also has a lot of information on mask exemptions, for the public and for shopkeepers, listed on

Remember: if you have to wear a mask, but want to show you're not the type of person to be silenced by the government, you can get a "Masks Are Useless" mask today at

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BUY NOW: "Masks Are Useless" Mask

Show your defiance of mandatory mask mandates! Each mask for $25 (including shipping) so we'll mail it to you directly. Please note: If you want to buy additional masks please place each additional order individually.


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