SMH repeats debunked narrative after being scooped by Avi Yemini

A gossip column published by The Sydney Morning Herald has continued to spread a false narrative about Rebel News journalist Avi Yemini.

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It comes hot on the heels of Avi's exclusive interview with former NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet, an opportunity secured by Rebel News that notable media outlets, including The Sydney Morning Herald, failed to grasp.

The fake controversy regarding Yemini's personal life was repeated by the CBD gossip column of The Sydney Morning Herald, which falsely portrayed him as a perpetrator of domestic abuse, also labelling him as a 'far-right provocateur.'

Despite being known as a leading independent reporter, the column branded Avi as being 'known for pleading guilty to assault after throwing a chopping board that hit his former wife.'

Avi has previously detailed the issue in full detail, in his best-sellling book A Rebel From The Start, as well as head-on during interviews ahead of his book tour.

In the interview, he candidly confronted what he referred to as "the elephant in the room" – the persistent accusations of being a "woman basher."

He vehemently denied the claim, asserting that he has never physically harmed a woman, including his ex-wife. Avi acknowledged the prevalence of these allegations and the genuine concerns they raise across the political spectrum.

Detailing the complexities of his past relationship, Avi highlighted the toxicity of his first marriage, which lasted about ten years. Upon separation, he and his ex-wife reached an amicable agreement regarding custody of their children until challenges arose with his current wife, leading to an escalation of tensions during the divorce process.

Avi revealed the difficult choice he faced at the time: plead guilty to a crime he hadn't committed and maintain access to his young children or fight in the courts to clear his name, risking not seeing them for several years. He chose the former, prioritising his children over his pride, a decision he describes as painful but necessary.

Avi maintains his goal to be a voice for men in similar situations, drawing attention to the high male suicide rate influenced, he believes, by the current societal system.

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