Tax-funded CBC pays 144 execs while crying for a larger budget

The average annual compensation for the directors was $135,388, before bonuses and other benefits.

Tax-funded CBC pays 144 execs while crying for a larger budget
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The details of the top-heavy management at the state broadcaster were first reported by independent news outlet Blacklock's.

The allocation breakdown of top managers included 41 for the network's English-language broadcasts, 45 for French language services, 25 in technology, 11 in finance, and 10 in legal.

69% of CBC's annual $1.3 billion budget is courtesy of the taxpayer.

When labelled by Twitter owner Elon Musk earlier this year, CBC was reminded of their status as state-funded media.

The label caused CBC to rage-quit the social media platform for several days before limping back to Twitter.

According to Access To Information records obtained by Blacklock's, CBC dished out $156.3 million in pay raises during the COVID pandemic.

An April 20, 2021, briefing note titled Funding Support For The CBC issued by the Heritage Ministry read, “The Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges of covering it put immense pressure on CBC’s workforce, operations, finances and systems."

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