We're hiring a lawyer for this Scottish woman who was PROSECUTED after police searched home without warrant during lockdowns

Ezra Levant travelled to Stonehaven in Scotland to get this exclusive interview with Gabbie Burnett about the shocking treatment her family received at the hands of the Scottish police.

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Nearly two years ago, in the worst of the pandemic lockdowns, Scottish police got a false tip from a nosy neighbour.

The snitch said there was an illegal house party at Gabbie Burnett’s house.

That wasn’t true. But the police burst in anyways.

They had no search warrant. They just pushed their way in. And pushed and pushed. When they were told to leave, they didn’t. They kept pushing. That’s when Gabbie got out her cell phone to record the police misconduct.

But the police kept pushing their way into the home.

Gabbie tripped. And she had a seizure.

But the police refused to help her. In fact, they shouted at Gabbie’s mother and young brother to stay away from her, and not help her either.

It was shocking. Here’s the video that Gabbie managed to film on her cell phone:

That disturbing video went viral. I was far away in Canada and even I saw it. It was the kind of civil liberties abuse that you’d expect from a place like China or Iran, not a democracy like the United Kingdom.

I called Gabbie, and she told me that not only did the police refuse to apologize, they were actually prosecuting her and her mother!

Absolutely unbelievable — especially given that it was the police themselves who burst into their home without a search warrant, refused to leave, sent Gabbie into a seizure and stopped her family from even helping her!

So we hired one of Scotland’s top law firms to defend her — Levy McRae, the same lawyers who represented Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond in his criminal case against the Scottish Government.

Obviously hiring a top law firm costs a lot of money. Gabbie can’t afford it; but you know how we work at Rebel News — we crowdfund lawyers to help people who are bullied by the system.

If you think the attack on Gabbie and her family was atrocious — and if you think the fact that the government is actually trying to prosecute her is even more infuriating — then please help us fight back.

Obviously we can’t match the unlimited resources of the Scottish police. But with Levy McRae on the case, it’s finally a fair fight.

Please click here to chip in — whether it’s £10, $20 or whatever you can. The matter is expected to go to trial as soon as this week.

And although I can’t be at the trial itself, our newest Rebel News reporter, Callum Smiles, will be there. He’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Thanks for your support. This illegal raid on Gabbie and her family was a black eye for Scotland — an international disgrace.

But if Gabbie can win in court, if we can get the judge to acquit her and to criticize the police for their abusive conduct, we can turn a terrible moment into a hopeful precedent for civil liberties.

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  • By Callum Smiles

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