Climate scaremongers want new ways to punish us for being alive

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Failure is not an option at the United Nations, as member states want to punish countries who disregard non-binding emission targets.

At their annual climate summit this week, one of the key proposals woefully championed is "scaling up accountability."

The phrase, though purposefully vague, shows visceral intent to punish everyday people. Those countries who fail to comply with the Paris Accord must suffer the consequences of their inaction - no matter the cost.

Except for the global elites, calling something non-binding is just that. But in a world where up is down and down is up, we should be used to the double-speak by now.

So, what are they going to do to us? Tax us more? Fine us? Silence us? Cancel us from polite society? All those things are happening already.

Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science joins me tonight to discuss what's unfolding in the United Arab Emirates during the annual climate summit and what it means for you.

Michelle also discusses her latest battle for free speech and the academic exchange of ideas after she had two papers censored.

GUEST: Michelle Stirlinga communications manager with Friends of Science.

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