The Liberal-NDP cabal only approves of free speech if its speech they agree with

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Not too long ago, NDP MP Charlie Angus, proposed Bill C-372 to ban the promotion of fossil fuels in any capacity. 

The kooky private member's bill, An Act respecting fossil fuel advertising, supports criminalizing favourable sentiment on fossil fuels, from greater production boosting the economy to one fuel having lesser emissions than another.

Canada previously outlawed tobacco advertising in 1989. Subsequent efforts were made to add health warning labels on cigarette packaging around 2012.

If Bill C-372 passes, those complicit could face upwards of two years in prison and a $1 million fine.

And now, with the support of the NDP and progressive social activists (many of whom are funded by the federal government), the Liberals will censor what they haven't yet ruined on the internet with their two previous censorship laws, Bill C-18 and C-11.

The online harms law, Bill-C-63, will penalize those who hurt other's feelings on social media through nuisance complaints to the Human Rights Commission.

Will this be enough to shut up Robbie Picard of Oilsands Strong and Oil and Gas World Magazine? Will it stop him from hurting the feelings of well-kept anti-oil activists like Jane Fonda and Tzeporah Berman? Tonight, on the show, he says not a chance.

GUEST: Oil and gas advocate Robbie Picard.

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