Firearms owners had a tough year in 2023 – Is there any hope for 2024?

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Last year was a rough time for gun owners in Canada. The Liberals passed their comprehension gun grab, Bill C21, which outlaws private handgun ownership.

The same law codified the Liberals' order in Council from May 2020 which at the time banned 1500 models of long guns, moving many from completely unregistered to prohibited.

The ban left thousands of retailers with stranded assets, unable to sell them. It also left collectors and enthusiasts with heirlooms and property that has to be destroyed, rather than sold or willed.

But luckily, the Liberals' ineptitude might be the saving grace of the firearms community. The Liberals have been unable to figure out how, first, to identify the owners of these firearms, and second, compensate potentially millions of owners.

Will the Liberals, plummeting in the polls, use firearms as a wedge issue to scapegoat the community for Trudeau's failure on public safety?

Or will they back off, knowing that this is a losing issue and an expensive policy, when Canadians are struggling inflation?

Rick Igercich of Canada's National Firearms Association joins the show to discuss what 2024 will bring for law abiding Canadian gun owners.

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