The arrest of David Menzies highlights the failure of state-funded media

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The piercing silence of the Parliamentary Press Gallery when a journalist was falsely arrested and accused of assaulting an RCMP member of Trudeau's security detail demonstrates just how bought off the mainstream media is.

While the PPG was silent, the CBC circled the wagons, refusing to call David, a working journalist of 39 years, "a journalist," instead referring to him as a personality.

The CBC panellists also accused David of harassment despite clear video evidence to the contrary.

This is what 650 million dollars in media bailouts, 1,3 billion dollars in annual subsidies to the state broadcaster, and a promise of Google cash payments wrung out of the tech giant through the bill C-18 link tax.

GUEST: Kris Sims, Alberta Director with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), to discuss the failing of the bailout media.

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