Battle stories from the war on parents with David Menzies

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According to Rebel News mission specialist David Menzies, Canadian School Boards have become infested with far-left woke Marxists, and he has made covering the attacks on parental autonomy part of his regular journalism beat at Rebel News.

David is one of a handful of independent journalists in Canada who are shining a light on the bad behaviour of trustees, teachers and unions.

The bad behaviour is something I witnessed firsthand when I tried to deliver our petition to Ottawa Carleton District School Board trustee Nili Kaplan-Myrth on Tuesday.

As parents, across politics and religion, unite to defend children from the social contagion of gender theory and wokism, the mainstream media and school boards have upped their attacks on them, calling them alt-right, dangerous and transphobic.

David joins me tonight to discuss why he thinks childless activists have invaded the school boards across the country and what can be done to turn it all around and give the power back to the parents.


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