The cost of the Liberals' gun grab continues to balloon

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Federal estimates now peg the firearms confiscation compensation program at nearly $2 billion after an initial 2020 estimate of $225 million. The real figure is likely much higher.
Reporting by The Gun Blog indicates that in 2019, long before the introduction of C21, which outlaws thousands of models of lawfully obtained fire arms and grandfathers out handgun ownership, the Liberal government had data which landed on a seizure payment of closer to $1 billion.
The two billion dollar gun grab budget uncovered by The Gun Blog in figures obtained through access filings contradicts the Parliamentary Budget Office, which estimated the cost to seize the property at closer to $800 million in June 2021.

Gary Mauser, of the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies, for told the National Post the federal government appears hesitant in releasing the true costs of the 'buyback' program, noting it would be prohibitively expensive to confiscate hundreds of thousands of firearms.
Mauser pegged confiscation costs could range from $1.6 billion to $5 billion — for a $6.756 billion total to operate the confiscation regime and compensate firearm owner

Rick Igercich of Canada's National Firearms Association joins the show tonight to discuss his recent Senate testimony and what gun owners can do to fight back.

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