The Annual UN Climate Change prom is upon us once again

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The United Nations global warming summit is scheduled to begin this week in the United Arab Emirates, one of the planet's most energy-intensive, opulent places.

A leaked document indicates that the UAE planned to use the gathering of politicos and diplomats to sign side deals for fossil fuel development while hosting the event, which calls for the phase-out of fossil fuels altogether.

It's an allegation the UAE denies, but if they were using the meeting to push for more oil and gas development, good for them.

The Trump Administration did just that in Bonn, Germany, in 2017. The province of Alberta is planning to use its delegation at the event this year to showcase Alberta oil and gas as a cleaner alternative to unreliable, toxic renewables.

Climate and energy economist Robert Lyman joins the show tonight to tell us what to expect from this year's COP28 Climate Summit and what it means for your family if the UN gets its way.

GUEST: Robert Lyman, an economist with specialty in energy and environment public policy issues.

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