'The line's been crossed': Without Papers protesters still standing strong against vax pass

Despite the restaurant being closed, protesters have continued to gather at Without Papers Pizza to oppose Calgary's vaccine passport bylaw.

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We've already covered the story of Without Papers Pizza, and you've probably seen our recent reports about how Calgary's vaccine passport bylaw destroyed this small business.

In a world plagued by a silent majority, Jesse, the owner of Without Papers Pizza, took a stand against the governments decision to indulge in discrimination. By not asking people to show proof of vaccination at the door, he became a villain in the eyes of the state.

What started as free pizza has evolved into much more: protests, sidewalk picnics, speeches, a dance party.

Recently, the demonstrations have changed again.

In a post on Without Papers Instagram, this shift was deemed the parking lot picnic. The decision allowed more space for the growing crowd and gave more space to the surrounding businesses to operate unobstructed.

As the evening went on, the group of protesters split in two, with some gathering in the parking lot as was originally intended and others on the sidewalk with signs.

We were able to interview some of the protesters to hear their thoughts on three things:

  1. Why should people oppose the vaccine passport bylaw
  2. How much power should the government have in terms of shutting down businesses
  3. What was their message to the silent majority

To hear what they had to say, as well as our interview with Jesse, the owner of Without Papers Pizza, check out the full video.

We also tried to speak with some of the businesses next to the former pizzeria to hear their take on the matter; however they were not willing to have a discussion.

The night ended with all of the protesters gathered back on the streets — this time more spread out, which reduced congestion on the sidewalks and afforded the protest more visibility to passersby.

It has not yet been determined what this protest will become next. It started as open defiance to Calgary’s vaccine passport bylaw and now has become the site of a weekly protest. As it grows, we will continue bringing you updates from the scene as the fight against Calgary’s vaccine passport bylaw continues.

Much like the rest of Canada, vaccine passports have only caused further division here in Calgary.

If you want support the fight against vaccine passports, go to FightVaccinePassports.com. Through our partnership with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, you can see strategic legal cases compiled to set precedents and challenge vaccine passports. Any donations made to The Democracy Fund are also eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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