The real motives behind a Liberal's hate mail incident

Ezra Levant breaks down aggressive voicemails shared with the public by Liberal MP George Chahal.

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A few days ago, Calgary-area Liberal MP George Chahal released hostile voicemails he received to the public, posting recordings to his Twitter account.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra speculated what the real reason Chahal made these voicemails public.

After examining a CTV News report that “frankly could have been written by Chahal himself,” Ezra wondered:

Why publish the voicemail with all that vitriol, why do that? Why not go to the police?

He said in his tweet it was from “the other day.” It actually turns out it was from months ago. He said it was a regular occurrence, but it's the same one guy.

And what was the death threat again, besides saying “you deserve to die”? That's not a death threat.

All of this was from one man and I do not support that one man, whoever he is. But it turned into a press conference and a news story.

Contrasting the messages left for Chahal, Ezra then looked at some of the vitriol spewed by Prime Minster Justin Trudeau:

Yeah a little less swearing there, but I think that's actually much more likely to cause a breach of the peace, that's a little more under the hate speech definition, isn't it, what Trudeau said.

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