The Rebelcopter says 'Axe the Tax'

The Trudeau Liberals and Singh NDP, both considered radical environmentalists, are pushing a litany of costly, inflation-driving, and economy-killing policies. However, few have directly impacted Canadians' ability to make ends meet than the ever-rising carbon tax.

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With the tax having increased again on April 1, what might have been an April Fool's joke for any sensible government working on behalf of its people turned out to be just another all-too-real Trudeau attack on affordability for normal people simply trying to get by.

The World Economic Forum elite aren’t shy about taking to the skies and jet-setting around from one eco-conference to another to proclaim, in superb irony, that something must be done to help the environment as their lifestyles create more pollution in a weekend than you or I will in a lifetime. So I thought to myself, it sure would be nice if normal Canadians had the opportunity to fly around and share their opinions, and that gave me an idea.

It was Rebelcopter time…

For those of you unfamiliar with the Rebelcopter, on serious occasions of nationwide protests, we reach out to a friend of Rebel who is also a helicopter pilot, allowing us to take to the sky and gain a unique perspective on the ground action. Check out our Rebelcopter trip to the Coutts blockade here or our flyover of the Freedom Convoy passing through Calgary by clicking here.

With nationwide protests opposing the carbon tax having started on April 1, we felt that Rebel air support was called for. This time around, the Rebelcopter was adorned with large neon decals on each side stating "axe the tax" and "spike the hike," sending clear messages that were seen and supported by countless Albertans both on social media and in person as we flew by above.

Unlike the Freedom Convoy, where citizens stood virtually alone against provincial and federal governments, this time around, and in no small part due to the protestors who took a stand during the 'pandemic' and reaffirmed that the government works for them and not the other way around, seven provinces have sided with the people in opposing the tax hike. This adds significant weight to the movement to completely eliminate the tax.

Watch our livestream coverage of the Canada-wide carbon tax protests here!

In addition to being flown around Alberta by helicopter owner and pilot Matt Haasen, we were also fortunate to speak with him about why he was inspired to take to the skies and send a clear message, the impact of the carbon tax on his business, and the importance of people taking a safe and law-abiding stand against policies that are making life unaffordable.

If you like the Rebelcopter, sign our petition at

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