Rebelcopter heads to the Coutts, Alberta border blockade

The truckers demand? An end to vaccine mandates — not just for now, but forever.

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Rebel News has been providing unparalleled coverage of the Coutts, Alberta border crossing trucker protest since its beginning. Our reporters Kian Simone and Syd Fizzard headed down immediately when this story began to unfold, and they have been embedded with the protesters ever since — and the world has been watching.

This all started with the Freedom Convoy, in which thousands of Canadians rolled in unity and ever-growing numbers from across Canada and into Ottawa.

The actions of those truckers kick-started other freedom convoys around the world, even as far as Australia. A group of Albertan truckers, fed up with Charter-violating mandates and overreaching medical tyrants, decided they have had enough of the government trampling on our rights and freedoms, and took to the border town of Coutts and set up a blockade.

Their demand: an end to vaccine mandates. Not just for now, but forever.

We covered the Freedom Convoy as it rolled through Calgary from the Rebelcopter, and with the situation developing rapidly in Coutts, we thought it was time to once again hit the skies to bring you yet another perspective on the blockade as we continue to cover this story like no one else can.

We captured some incredible footage and touched down briefly just outside of Coutts to speak with some folks on the ground about their defiant stand against vaccine mandates.

These truckers were negotiating with government officials and RCMP officers alike, and we believe that everyone deserves to be fairly represented. So, Rebel News is crowdfunding legal counsel for the truckers at the border to help them in their negotiations. To help pay for their lawyers and to catch all the latest updates on this story, make sure to visit

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