The secret history between Bill Gates and the Epstein network

'I thought he would give to global health…which is an interest I have,' Gates told Judy Woodruff on PBS last year.

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It’s been three years since notorious child sex trafficker, Jefferey Epstein, died in prison.

While the relationship between Epstein and high-profile business juggernauts like Bill Gates have been lightly touched on by the media, their relationships have largely been kept under the radar.

According to the mainstream media, which has been running cover for the insidious and frightening relationship, the two met only a few times for dinner. And according to Gates, he only met with Epstein because he was under the impression that Epstein could help him with global health projects.

“I thought he would give to global health…which is an interest I have,” Gates told Judy Woodruff on PBS last year.

More problematic facts have on rare occasions bubbled up to the surface of mainstream reports.

For example, the New York Times leaked Bill Gates’ emails after a meeting with Epstein.

In it, it was revealed that the meeting had little to do with global health but instead “very attractive women.”

In an email to his colleague, while still married to his wife, Gates wrote that he was at Epstein’s mansion”quite late” because “a very attractive Swedish woman and her daughter dropped by.”

Whitney Webb is an independent investigative journalist. She just published “One Nation Under Blackmail” — a two volume, 900-page research book on Jefferey Epstein that goes back several decades into history.

At a seminar where Webb was giving a lecture on the state of journalism, she sat down with me to discuss the Gates-Epstein relationship, which runs much deeper, and started years, perhaps even decades before Gates or establishment media lets on.

She also discussed Epstein’s obsession with science, eugenics and trans-humanism, as well as how the Epstein network, which she lays out in her book is in fact a network, is just as much as a financial crimes network as a sex crimes network, and that the network did not begin with Epstein just as it doesn’t end with him.

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