The state continues its war on religion by shutting Trinity Bible Chapel church

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Sadly, Trinity Bible Chapel in little St. Jacobs, Ont., is the latest church to be raided by law enforcement and have its locks changed, after a judge granted a temporary injunction preventing future services from occurring there.

This heavy-handed measure was done at the behest of the Attorney General’s office, which apparently looks upon Trinity Bible Chapel as a super-spreader venue, given that the church was “illegally” allowing more than 10 congregants into the chapel for services. Oddly, for some reason, the Attorney General apparently has absolutely no issue with even greater numbers of people cramming into various Walmarts, Costcos, and of course, government-owned and operated LCBO outlets. But then again, Premier Doug Ford moves in mysterious ways…

Nevertheless, in his findings, Justice John Krawchenko stated: “The risk of irreparable harm would be too great to ignore” if the church were allowed to remain open and admit more than 10 persons into the venue. Oddly, no evidence was provided that places of worship are hotspots for Wuhan virus transmission.

As well, Trinity Bible Chapel has been nailed with millions of dollars in fines for defying the ludicrously named “Reopening Ontario Act.” And in an exclusive interview with Rebel News, pastor Jacob Reaume says law enforcement is carrying out intimidation tactics against the members of Trinity Bible Chapel. According to Pastor Reaume, members of the Waterloo Regional Police Service have recorded the licence plate numbers of church attendees. The police then later go to congregants’ private residences — typically late at night — to serve these people with fines. Apparently, there is no real crime occurring in this neck of the woods...

But Pastor Reaume has no intention of bending the knee. Church services will indeed continue, even if it means conducting such services in the parking lot. After all, unlike GraceLife Church in Spruce Grove, Alta., the authorities haven’t fenced off Trinity Bible Chapel. Well, at least, not yet...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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