The tides are turning and the Trudeau Liberals are squirming

Ezra Levant outlines how even the mainstream media is getting fed up with Justin Trudeau and his cronies.

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Things aren't going so great for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his governing Liberals at the moment. A new poll this week showed a huge number of Canadians can agree on one major issue — we want a change in government.

Now, even the legacy media is getting fed up with the Trudeau Liberals. Yesterday, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino was grilled by reporters from the parliamentary press gallery on the Liberals' most recent scandal, their failure to prevent Canada's most notorious killer, Paul Bernardo, from being transferred out of a maximum security prision.

This turning of the tides was the topic of discussion on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. Reflecting on this rare moment of pressure from the media against the Liberals, Ezra said:

Have you ever seen that before? The running and shouting? I mean, Mendicino is particularly goofy. He skipped a press briefing yesterday so the press were hungry.

He's been caught in so many lies he's become a bit of a joke, and a bit of a scapegoat for Trudeau to be honest. But still, have you ever seen the regime media — the Media Party — act this way with anyone in Trudeau's government in the eight years since Trudeau took office? I have not.

Maybe that's what it's like when literally 81% of the population thinks the government has overstayed its welcome.

Oh don't get me wrong — every single one of those journalists is going to vote Liberal on election day, of course. They would never bring themselves to vote for the Conservatives, it's a matter of taste and class and tribe for them.

But by the same token, they're done pretending that everything is fine with Trudeau.

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