The trouble with King Charles III

Now that Charles has become King and his coronation is set for some time next year, many people from both sides of the political spectrum are concerned about the new King, due to his previous associations.

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The subject of royalty in Britain can be a polarized subject, with the Prince now becoming King Charles III. Many people from both sides of the political spectrum are concerned about the King with not only his previous associations, but with his ties with the colossal and anti-human organization, the world economic forum.

From his letters to Jimmy Savile resurfacing to haunt him and the royals, to his pact with Klaus Schwab of the world economic forum, echoing his narrative of "the great reset," which the King has previously used his royal status to parrot climate alarmism on the stage of world summits and videos of him saying we must "reset ourselves on a more sustainable path."

The natural question to ask, is what does the future of Great Britain look like, if even the King can't help himself dabbling in a bit of politics?

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