The war on Christmas continues. Namely, just try finding a Christmas tree on public display that is actually referred to as a… 'Christmas tree'

Meanwhile, the folks at Cadillac Fairview, who own the Toronto Eaton Centre, sometimes refer to a Christmas tree as a 'signature tree.'

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Now, call us old-fashioned if you must, but we always thought that an evergreen tree in the month of December adorned with ornaments and lights is typically referred to, as, you know… a Christmas tree.

But no. Apparently Christmas is the new C-word these days. It began when the increasingly woke mob began “rebranding” Christmas tree as “holiday tree.” But in real life, who calls it that?

Meanwhile, the folks at Cadillac Fairview, who own the Toronto Eaton Centre, sometimes refer to a Christmas tree as a “signature tree.”

Who’s signature? Kris Kringle’s?

But it’s a moot point this year, given that the mall isn’t displaying a Christmas/holiday/signature/evergreen tree this year, for reasons that remain mysterious.

Alas, we are depressed to report that the anti-Christmas tree virus continues to spread. Because directly across the street from the Eaton Centre, the Rotary Club of Toronto recently erected a decorated and illuminated evergreen tree at Yonge Dundas Square. But don’t you dare call that tree a “Christmas tree”, because this vegetation is officially called… a “remembrance tree”?!

Gee, what are we supposed to be remembering? The birth of Jesus Christ? Or merely that point in time not too long ago in which it was not politically incorrect to call a Christmas tree… a Christmas tree?

Supposedly, the Rotary Club has gone with this name due to… diversity. Yet, how does embracing cancel culture serve as an example of celebrating diversity? Sorry, does not compute.

We asked passersby if they could identify what a decorated evergreen tree is called in the twelfth month of the year. Shockers! Everybody answered “Christmas tree.” Oh, how distressing to see such insensitivity at play on the mean streets of Hogtown, especially during this special time of year!

In fact, can it get any worse when it comes to the war on the once-beloved Christmas tree? Well, yes, it can. You see, recently a celebration of Christmas trees in Mississauga, Ont., took place. The name of this event? “A Festival of Trees.”

Trees? You mean redwood trees? Or palm trees? Or weeping willow trees? No, we’re talking Christmas trees… now being referred to by some lunatics as simply “trees.” How lame is that?

Indeed, you don’t need the services of a green-hued Grinch to steal Christmas these days – not when the woke mob is ready, willing, and able to do that job.

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