The World Economic Forum in Calgary? Likely in a city near you as well!

Personally founded by Klaus Schwab, The Global Shapers Community is a World Economic Forum initiative comprised of 500 hubs in 500 cities.

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There has been no lack of attention on the the World Economic Forum as of late, in large part thanks to the incredible work of our team of independent journalists in Davos, which you can find at, and The Great Reset Docuseries from our very own Kian Simone, which you can watch at, but for many implications of the actions of the World Economic Forum still seem far off... but are they?

We are far beyond the absurd narrative that concerns over the WEF are conspiratorial, most of the alleged conspiracy theories out there are in fact direct quotes from Schwab himself, like his shocking admission that half of Trudeau’s cabinet are WEF young global leaders, and that his organization intentionally penetrates foreign cabinets.

For all the concern over foreign interference by certain politicians, this should be at the forefront of those conversations.

Despite all of this, many are still relatively unworried about the WEF's activities. They believe that the aspirations of this group are far off pipedreams for some global movers and shakers, not locally influential realities… but they are wrong.

Personally founded by Klaus Schwab, The Global Shapers Community is a World Economic Forum initiative comprised of 500 hubs in 500 cities that bring together over 15,000 leading young adult advocates to focus on four pillars of activism which include Climate Action, Future Cities, Civic Life and Healthy Cities.

Schwab is so passionate about this project that when depressed he goes to one of these shaper hub’s to recharge.

Even a relatively small city on the global scale like Calgary has over 20 members of their YYC Shapers WEF initiative. Let’s take a look at a few examples of the things they are advocating for.

For starters, despite admitting meaningful increases in opioid deaths and crime in areas surrounding safe injection sites, Global Shaper’s Calgary recommends the decriminalization of opioids and the funding of safe injection sites as a compassion-based approach to addiction — all while the opioid epidemic claims the life of more than one Albertan every day.

People need addiction treatment, not addiction enabling.

It is not at all surprising, however, to see the agents of an organization advocating for more dependence on government and a “Great Reset” maintaining patterns of dependence among societies most vulnerable.

Unsurprisingly, Calgary’s Global Shapers are also in favour of massive transit infrastructure investment as a key part of climate change mitigation, even when those projects seem outright fiscally irresponsible.

Stage 1 of Calgary’s Green Line LRT transit system would consist of only 20km of new track along with 15 stations, and it is set to cost an estimated $4.9 to $5.5 billion. That equates to a roughly $4,000 investment for every man, woman and child in Calgary, assuming the project doesn’t go over budget — which it likely will, if we know anything about government spending.

Once you begin to breakdown Calgary Transit's plummeting ridership, with daily total trips averaging roughly 140,000, you can rather quickly do the math and figure out that it becomes far more feasible to buy a new vehicle for every transit user in the city than to build an expensive and underused train system.

If you consider for a moment the activities of the dozens of individuals working on initiatives like these in Calgary, and the no doubt thousands working in various cities around the world, it doesn’t take long to figure out the immense impact that even this one “Global Shapers” initiative of the WEF is having in our communities.

Klaus Schwab would not be heading to these Shaper’s hubs to “recharge” if they weren’t playing a vital role in his reshaping of our world. If you are one of the people who may have written off serious concerns over WEF activities as some far-off problem, it is time to wake up, odds are they are already at work in your own backyards.

If you haven’t seen episode one of our docuseries in which Kian Simone and Lewis Brackpool expose Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset”, go watch it now at

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