'There is nothing in it that is positive': Lawyer Julius Grey on Quebec's Bill 96

Canadian lawyer Julius Grey joins us to talk about Quebec's controversial language bill and the future of our society if it remains unchallenged.

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Quebec Premier François Legault has adopted another restrictive bill, this time regarding the French language and affecting the lives of minorities in Quebec: the anglophone and especially the native peoples.

Bill 96 was adopted on May 24 and started to be applied on June 1. Since then, a group of different people and experts joined in filing a lawsuit against Bill 96.

Julius Grey, a Canadian lawyer, is one of those in the group of people and experts who are challenging this bill. He is known for his expertise in constitutional and human rights law. Grey is involved not only in the lawsuit against Bill 96, but also against Bill 21, which claims to be put in place to ensure respect for secularism of the Quebec government.

Today he is talking to us about Bill 96, its consequences and the future of our society if they lose these lawsuits.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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